Our Service Packages

  • Envisioning your new home

    • Identifying where you will be moving
    • Choosing your best option for space
    • Finding the layout and dimensions
    • Creating a first draft design with new or existing furnishings
  • Taking stock of your belongings (secure a few valuables first to avoid downsizing your phone, keys, or other essentials - no kidding)

    • Furniture and fixtures, inside and out
    • Decorative items
    • Books, photos, and other collectibles
    • Clothing
    • Kitchen & dinnerware
    • Linens & drapes
    • Garage, tools, and sporting equipment
  • Curating your lifestyle essentials

    • Items to keep handy
    • Storage items for special occasions
    • Keepsakes to share with others
    • Consignments
    • Donations
    • Disposables/recycling
  • Making the move

    • Staging to sell real estate
    • Estate sales and other options
    • Clearing out the discard pile sustainably
    • Closing up for transfer
    • Moving and unpacking 

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