Curating Your Lifestyle Essentials

At Essentially Yours, we take the all-at-once approach to downsizing. This means we gather every item in a category and present them in one place for your consideration.

All of your clothing, for example, could be collected and sorted on garment racks in one room to support your decision-making. Think about where you are going as you create a new wardrobe featuring your best color palette and coordinates for your new lifestyle. Keep what you will need and what you long as everything fits you and will fit into your new space. Save a few special occasion outfits as well as room for future purchases if needed. Once you have chosen a collection...wait a day and double-check after you have gone through the same process in other areas. 

Example 1: Clothing

BEFORE: 180“ from 3 closets and attic storage

AFTER: 72” inside a single 48” closet

Example 2: Books

1st edition of classics

Autographed favorites

Special letterpress editions

Cookbooks (3-4) if you plan to cook

Children’s books for young visitors

Books you...

  • reread periodically

  • plan to read soon

  • love to hold