About Us

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Essentially Yours is about streamlining your material world for comfort and ease...to surround yourself with what you need and what you love in an uncluttered way of life.

We got into the business helping friends and family when senior transitions were urgently needed. After engaging in several downsizing efforts constrained by time and place, we decided to re-imagine a more client-centered, flexible service model.

Initial consultations are free and provide a needs assessment as well as a proposal for services, if indicated. Essentially Yours delivers hands-on assistance for many parts of the move. When outside help is needed, we will work with you to locate contractors who, for example, move heavy furniture, manage consignment sales, or specialize in environmentally safe disposals. The plan will revolve around you and your desired level of participation at every stage.

Contact Kathleen at Essentially Yours to schedule your free consultation

via email: essentiallyyoursconsulting@gmail.com

or phone: 617-642-5675 


For real estate services, please visit kathleentwright.kwrealty.com